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DentCare is not just another dental lab... You must know us better

DentCare is a full-service dental lab based in Perth, backed by a robust legacy of over three decades. DentCare extended its operations to Australia in the year 2017. The parent company DentCare Dental Lab Pvt. Ltd., India was founded in  1988 by Mr John Kuriakose, a visionary entrepreneur and humanitarian. We have a presence across six nations– USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and India, accredited with five quality certifications, US FDA, ISO 13485:2016, BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015.


At DentCare, we are well equipped to give you a seamless experience of quality, focussed not just on aesthetics, but also on what goes into the making of the ultimate dental prostheses. From crowns and bridges to implant restorations, how complicated it all may seem, each of them is perfected using skilled craftsmanship, backed by state-of-the-art technology and premium materials. DentCare is where dentistry meets artistry to give a flawless fit and finish for your dental prostheses. For DentCare, it’s a journey - a journey where we are perfecting perfection.


Our product portfolio includes Porcelain Fused to Metal (fabricated by conventional casting and also Direct Metal Laser Sintering (Cobalt-Chromium and Titanium alloys), lithium disilicate (IPS e. max Press and CAD), Zirconia (DentCare has its range of Zirconia with options from 3Y-TZP to 5Y-PSZ), PEEK, Milled PMMA to meet requirements for any crowns/bridges, inlays/onlays and veneers. We specialize in implant prosthetics, including screw and cement-retained options for Crowns and bridges, Hybrid Dentures, Overdentures and Malo bridges with options for customization of abutments.  Other products include precision attachments, removable complete dentures and partials (interim and cast partials) in acrylic and polyamides alongside BPS dentures (Ivoclar Vivadent), orthodontic appliances, thermoformed splints and DentCare Aligners (a braces-free approach for re-aligning teeth).


Our focus is to evolve with the technological prowess of digital dentistry with advanced scanning and 3D printing technology, in convergence with our team of skilled technicians and specialists to give you the best treatment results.

To Elevate The Experience Of The Global Populace Of Clinicians In The Dental Fraternity And Restore Everlasting Smiles.


To elevate the experience of the global populace of clinicians in the dental fraternity and restore everlasting smiles.

Mission - Dentcare


With attention to detail and desire for perfection, we work as a team to provide products and services of superlative quality. We stride ahead with full commitment for continuous improvement through research and continued professional development of our team. By adopting globally-best technologies, we provide world class products and services so that it benefits our stakeholders and the society at large.



At DentCare how we lead our team is as vital as anything else we do. We have a great environment of corporate governance which benefits our customers and employees. We believe great leadership is essential to our long-term business success. Hence, we have devoted a great deal of time and resources to make sure that we are led by the best brains. We make sure our policies reflect our values and business goals. We have an effective corporate governance structure that's unparallel in its rich heritage of experience and expertise. Above all, we operate in a way that is open, honest and transparent.

DentCare Dental Lab is specialized in the fabrication of dental prostheses. Established in the year 1988 with a vision to fabricate high-quality dental prostheses, DentCare has asserted its stand by setting new international standards for the dental industry. The principal and lone object of DentCare has been to provide supreme quality prostheses to its clinician clients for the onward delight of their patients.

Besides the privilege of being one among dentists' most preferred dental laboratories, DentCare also enjoys numerous other repute and recognition. One element that makes DentCare the cream of the crop is the fact that we offer ample uncomplicated dental solutions at affordable prices without any compromise on client service. DentCare upholds exceptionally positive business ethics and we consider sustained customer base as its highest regarded asset.

Though we initiated our product portfolio with just white metal crowns, we slowly included PFM crowns, all ceramic crowns/bridges, dental implant prostheses, veneers, inlays, onlays, removable dentures, clear aligners, orthodontic and pedodontics appliances etc. to slowly get recognized in the global front. Currently, we provide solutions for almost all dental anomalies.

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